Omaha Ranks Fifth Nationally

December 8, 2016

Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition ranked Omaha’s Complete Streets Policy fifth among all policies adopted in 2015! Here is a link to their report.


Each year, Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition look at the language of Complete Streets policies that were adopted in 2015 and grade them based on ten ideal traits:

1.   Providing a clear vision of transportation system
2.   Meeting the needs of all users and modes
3.   Covering all projects and phases
4.   Providing clear and accountable exceptions
5.   Creating a complete network
6.   Identifying jurisdictional responsibility
7.   Providing clear guidance on street design
8.   Accounting for context sensitivity in design
9.   Developing usable performance measures
10. Setting the stage for implementation

We’re proud of the fifth place recognition and want to thank all of you who got us to this stage for all of your hard work. Let’s continue the push to make Complete Streets a reality in Omaha!

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